Philosophy & Reflections

Healing Dao

As a young child, Chrys believed there is more beyond the stimuli of, what we called, the five senses can receive. This belief came from direct experience; however, it was then suppressed. Beyond what the five senses can perceive, she feels a guiding force that she calls the Healing Dao.

Chrys feels it is essential that she comprehends how to harmonise within her being, with the Earth and other Earth dwellers, and the cosmos. This underlying philosophy is the driver of how she conducts her life and her work.

She sees that losing one’s sense of belonging creates disconnection and disease. This sense of displacement is also reflected in forgetting the way to live in harmony with nature and the sovereignty of oneself.

As our modern society becomes increasingly more fragmented, the incidents of stress related illnesses, depression, even suicides are becoming more prevalent. This fragmentation can be seen in the breaking down of social fabric and family unit.

This also translates to what she sees in the pain of people with different forms of addiction, from junk food, cigarette, drug, alcohol to material things and the subtler symptoms like emotional, mental and spiritual addiction.

In recognising that we are multi-dimensional beings, our healing process is also multi-faceted. Healing Dao is impersonal and non-judgemental. It is there to be discovered and experienced. Life, work and play are all one part of healing.

What is Dao?

There was something formless and perfect
before the universe was born.
It is serene. Empty.
Solitary. Unchanging.
Infinite. Eternally present.
It is the mother of the universe.
For lack of a better name,
I call it Dao.

It flows through all things,
inside and outside, and returns
to the origin of all things.

The Dao is great.
The universe is great.
Earth is great.
Mankind is great.
These are the four great powers.

Man follows the earth.
Earth follows the universe.
The universe follows the Dao.
The Dao follows only itself.

Dao De Jing, verse 25 (Adapted from translation by Stephen Mitchell)


Close your eyes and feel the Dao within you and you are within the Dao. Only you know how it feels…

What is De?

Therefore, the Sage
acts without doing anything
and teaches without saying anything.
Things arise and s/he lets them come;
things disappear and s/he lets them go.
S/he has but doesn’t possess,
acts but doesn’t expect.
When his/ her work is done, s/he forgets it.
That’s why it lasts forever.

Dao De Jing, verse 2 (Adapted from translation by Stephen Mitchell)

The Sage stays behind;
that’s why s/he is ahead.
S/he is detached from all things;
that’s why s/he is One with them.
Because s/he has let go of her/himself,
s/he is perfectly fulfilled.

Dao De Jing, verse 7 (Adapted from translation by Stephen Mitchell)

De (Virtue) can be seen in the Great Nature. It quietly serves all without announcing itself. Its power comes from its gentleness; and its gentleness is power.